Ancelotti Leaves James Rodriguez Stranded In Everton

Carlo Ancelotti’s move from Everton football club to Real Madrid had no special tone to it, except for the fact that it will be his second stint with the Spanish football giant.

Surprisingly a sensational story is coming out of the move. It has to do with James Rodriguez, the Everton midfield maestro. Ancelotti and Rodriguez’s relationship is one of those rear and almost impossible ones in football.

The duo have worked together as player and coach in 3 different clubs, worth mentioning is that it has not been a case of coincidence as Ancelotti was the facilitator on two occasions. First, they met at Real Madrid and when Ancelotti moved to Bayern Munich a season later, he compelled the young man to join him at the German club.

After a season at Bayern, Ancelotti left for Italian club Napoli where he tried hard to bring Rodriguez but met stiff resistance from Real Madrid who still had contract with the midfielder. After spending a season with Everton, Ancelotti finally succeeded in bringing Rodriguez to join him at the English club for the 2020\2021 season.

Now that Ancelotti has moved to be the coach of Madrid following the resignation of Zinedine Zidane, football fans have cast the spotlight on James Rodriguez.

They are asking questions like, if he will feel betrayed by Ancelotti who brought and left him at Everton, a smaller club compared to Madrid and Bayern, or if he will move to Madrid to join his beloved trainer.

For now, James Rodriguez is not saying a thing about Ancelotti’s move. A tweet this morning showed him with a member of the Colombian national team gearing up for the Copa 2021 which is to begin next week June 12 in Brazil. At this time, all we can say is that he’s got his focus on the Copa.


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