Anambra Commissioner Fingered In Keke Operators Extortion, Denies Allegations

Awka – Anambra State Government needs to investigate and stop the imposition of a compulsory Christmas Party levy of N4,000 on commercial tricyclists popularly known as Keke operators in Awka North and South Council Areas of Anambra State.

Investigations by TNC correspondent Kenechukwu Ofomah revealed that the Keke operators were forced to part with the sum of N3,000 for the same party last year, while those who refused were severely harassed.

It was also gathered that this year, the Keke operators have been mandated to pay the sum of N4,000 for the party, with the threat that failure to pay will amount to insubordination to the persons superintending over keke operators affairs in the two council areas.

In Awka North and South, there were over 11,000 keke machines as at last year December, totaling about N44 million, if all were to pay this year’s Christmas levy.

Further investigations disclosed that the some very powerful persons accused to have the backing of some top state government officials, were the ones overseeing the keke business in the two LGAs.

According to the Convener of a Civil Rights Group, Recover Nigeria Project, Comrade Osita Obi, who raised the alarm over the obnoxious plan, the persons collecting the illegal levy are working with Anambra State Ministry for Transportation and are using cultists and other outlaws to enforce compliance.

“It is no more secret that these people are working with the Commissioner for Transport in the State, Mr Afam Mbanefo, who they bring returns to, to continue to extort these hapless keke operators.

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