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The Anambra gubernatorial election slated for November 6, 2021, has been nothing short of dramatic even before the D Day. It is not the first time elections will be held in Anambra, but the events in the past months and weeks promises a novel experience for the state known as the light of the nation.

Anambra is undoubtedly one of the best – if not the best – state in Nigeria when it comes to human resources; Anambra is the sophistication of humanity with excellent minds and spirit. In every area of human endeavor its indigenes have excelled and become points of reference both at home and abroad. Talk of education, business, the creative industry, music, sports, technology, you can name them.

Nnamdi Azikiwe, Alex Ekwueme, Chinua Achebe, Chimamanda Adichie, Philip Emeagwali, Dora Akunyili, Peter and Paul Okoye, Chuba Okadigbo, Chike Obi, Oliver De Coque, Emeka Offor, Osita Osadebe,  Arthur Eze, these are just a few of them and these names can be checked online so we don’t take up space describing each of them.

It may sound vainglorious to say that an Anambra governor does not have much work to do judging by the usual expectations from leaders in the Nigerian system. This is because the people just thrive,  they are industrious and given to development. So a governor may just have to make sure that roads are good, security intact and government workers paid promptly.

Recent events in the light of the nation have cast gloom and doubts on the excellence Anambarians have come to be known with. It began with court injunctions here and there as regards to primary elections, and so it led us to ask if noble men couldn’t decide among themselves honorably, who their flag bearers will be; it was not just with one party, APGA, PDP, APC and others all went to court at different times regarding their candidates.

One excuse which was given for the court order shopping craze was that it’s the influence of foreign elements to destabilize democratic processes in Anambra state, there were even insinuations that Abuja was heavily involved and INEC itself was playing to the gallery. To some extent then we may not blame the wise men state, if small family units cannot escape the poison of ‘third party influence’ how much more at a state level.

Are we to also mention the violence that has greeted Anambra state in recent times? It even becomes more complex in the accusations and counter accusations trailing the bloodletting in the precious state.  Sometimes it is unknown gunmen, sometimes it  is IPOB, sometimes it is a battle between rival cults; but whoever or whatever is behind these events, innocent lives are being wasted.

In one of our discussions on the Anambra gubernatorial election we opined that all the aspirants in the governorship election are well qualified to govern other states in Nigeria; that’s how good Anambra products could be. These aspirants are people who have done well in their respective works of life. Yet no matter how qualified they are the fact remains that only one man will be elected for the job of being the torch-holder of the light of the nation.


Thinking about Anambra state in this season, there is this Arab proverb that comes to mind. It says that humans can be viewed from four prisms:

Those who don’t know and do not know that they don’t know.

Those who don’t know and know they don’t know.

Those who know but don’t know that they know.

And those who know and know that they know.

The proverb has a recommendation on how to relate to each one in the four classifications. Here are the recommendations:

1 He that knows not and knows not that he knows not; He is a fool – shun him!

2 He that knows not and knows that he knows not; he is simple – teach him!

3 He that knows and knows not that he knows; he is asleep – wake him!

4 He that knows and knows that he knows; he is a wise man – follow him!


Considering these postulations we then ask; are Anambarians fools, are they simple, are they asleep or are they wise?

Because of the complex mix that makes up a community, it will suffice to say that the people of Anambra are inevitably a blend of all 4 descriptions above. But when we talk about the GDI (Gross Domestic Image) it will be okay to say that Anambra is in between asleep and wise.

But whether Anambarians are simple, asleep or awake, only one man will head the government of this precious state. Now considering the aspirants and their individual pedigree as we have pointed out earlier – let us say they are all wise, because they have got something and know they have it and are willing to offer themselves in service to the state and the people.

It is clear as expected that each contestant has a plan, it is also important to point out that these plans should go beyond the November 6 election whether one wins or not. These plans must be honorable; whether in pursuing pre and post-election justice, whether in collaborations, and even in implementing manifesto plans in or outside of government.

The hunger that drives men to great endeavors is deeper than what shallow thoughts may conceive.  It is such force that drives Atiku and Tinubu who some might think have attained great heights already and therefore should not bother so much about further political journeys due to age. It is a hunger that may not be quenched easily, like substituting chicken meat for turkey – call it a thirst for cold water which nothing else can satisfy. this is why we speak of plans.

No matter what happens come November 6, the leaders and people of Anambra should know that they must stand above emotions and faulty loyalty, they must keep the light burning in pleasure for posterity’s vote.

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