Anambra@ 29: Govt must scale up investment in youths- GSS Boss, Ezenwa

329 views | Kenechukwu Ofomah | August 28, 2020

As Anambra State clocked 29 yesterday, the State Government has been urged to invest genuinely in all aspects of youths development so as to secure a brighter future for the state.
The call came from the Chairman, General Sites Solutions (GSS) Group, Architect Chukwudi Ezenwa in an exclusive interview with TNC correspondent in Awka.
29 years after the creation of the present Anambra State, opinions have varied as to whether the state is where it is supposed to be in the comity of states.
But, Ezenwa, who is a Youth Entrepreneur, believes there is cause to celebrate Anambra at 29, as the state has recorded numerous visible transformation since it was created in 1991.
As a youth, he noted, what fascinates him more about the contemporary Anambra, is the appreciable involvement of youths in government.
He, however, said more needs to be done in creating more opportunities for more youths to find their feet in their chosen fields of endeavour through skills development and provision of start-up funds to enable trained youths to excel.
“I believe we have done well as a state. Anambra youths have no doubt, shown determination and resilience even in the face of daunting challenges. There are no fields of endeavour where you won’t find the Anambra youth excelling, to the envy of others. Be it in entertainment, education, craftsmanship, sports, economy, name it, Anambra youths have continued to discharge themselves creditably.
“Even in Anambra State Government where many youths are involved in the scheme of things, they have proved to be reliable in the discharge of the mandates handed to them.
“However, the present state government needs to look beyond its regime and evolve more proactive and sustainable means of engaging the youths so that when its tenure elapses, the youths will not be thrown out to the streets,” Ezenwa stressed.
According to him, the government needs to develop and implement a pragmatic framework that will entrench skills acquisition in the education system, while genuine efforts should be made to improve the quality of education offered at institutions of learning.
He suggested that in addition, the state government must make provisions for capital to start-ups to enable them thrive.
The young entrepreneur, on the other hand, called on Anambra youths to explore the creativity and innovative capacity with which they have been blessed to find solutions to the numerous socio-economic challenges facing the state.
He urged them to deemphasize the craze for quick wealth and endeavour to be patient, assuring them that with dedication and resilience, they will break even eventually.
“It is important for our future as a people, that our youths understand that hard work pays. Wealth is grown and not plucked. I hear a lot of people say they were pushed into negativity by circumstances. No! There is no justification whatsoever for any youth to indulge in illegality. Difficulties should inspire in us, the determination to be more innovative. Ideas rule the world and our youths must begin to equip themselves with the right knowledge for financial freedom and self-reliance. There is no limit to what we can achieve if we give our best to those ideas inside of us,” he maintained.
The Business mogul who also spoke on sundry issues, applauded the efforts of the state government at constructing the International Cargo Airport at Umueri, adding that when completed, the facility will help give vent to the business ingenuity of the average Anambra person.
“Having a Cargo Airport in Anambra is a welcome development and we applaud Governor Willie Obiano for such initiative. The prospect which such facility holds for commerce and industry in our dear state is enormous. With a market once adjudged the largest in West Africa, the Airport will boost business activities within and outside the state. There is also the possibility it will open for exportation of locally made products through which the state can earn foreign exchange. Investments and investors will troop into the state, bringing all manner of businesses and this will open up wealth and job opportunities for our youths,” the Construction expert opined.
The GSS Boss also advised the state government to explore a partnership with private security outfits to address the challenges mitigating the effective implementation of the concept of community policing.
This partnership he noted, will be more rewarding and sustainable.
As the 2021 governorship election in Anambra State approaches, Ezenwa urged the youths to shun being used as instruments of violence to perpetrate electoral fraud, reminding them that they can be better engaged if the politicians really mean well for them.

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