The fourth estate of our nation, so it is called. The conscience moulder, stiring up opinions, cascading them where the minds of the commons feast on them. A very important and critical profession but greed and avaricious tendencies have marred it.

Shame! Shame!! And a big and bigger shame to those who out of selfish interest have given this noble profession a bad profiling.

For those who don’t know who an ideal journalist is , please kindly take a read

1) One who is dispassionate in reportage.

2) Who does not play up ethinic and tribal sentiments in analysing issues.

3) One who looks straight in the eyes of those they love and still calls out their bullshit regardless.

4) One who doesn’t have a magic finger typing or forwarding preferred posts but suddenly experiences numbness on the fingers when the post exposes their treacherous intents.


Jarlath Opara

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