Amid Wike/Ganduje Cold War, Northern Group Stokes The Fire For Nigeria’s Disintegration

With Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State (Peoples Democratic Party) locked in a veiled political war with his Kano State counterpart, Abdullahi Ganduje (All Progressives Congress) over a purported demolition of a mosque in the big oil state, the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) appears to be busy fanning the embers to speed up the disintegration of Nigeria. 

Nigeria appears to be a country dangerously polarised by religion (Christianity and Islam) and geo-political rivalry (North and South) since 2015 and the Muslim North seems to be viciously taking advantage of the Muhammadu Buhari administration to strangulate the Christian South.

The seeming dangerous political scheme in the troubled country is playing out in the Ganduje threat to take Wike to court for purportedly demolishing a mosque in Rivers, and in the Northern group’s claim that job opportunities meant for indigenes of the northern states had been hijacked by people from the South.

While Wike admonished his Kano counterpart to know that he is not Gandollar or a man who enjoyed bribery and falsehood, the CNG was speaking in Kano on Sunday on the state of the nation, as it affected the North.

Spokesman of the group, Abdulazeez Suleiman, while lamenting that northerners were being denied employment opportunities in the South, added, ‘’all vacant positions available in the North, as guaranteed by the local content clause of the Federal character provision in the Constitution, had been surrendered to southerners, as a result of the negligence of the northern elite, who pose as political leaders of the region.

‘’Whereas, the local content clause stipulates that all levels 01 to 06 positions in every government establishments must go to indigenes of the host communities in the North, the reverse is the case’’, and described the North as systematically crippled by multiple security challenges, which threaten the region’s population and political unity, as well as inhibit its economic and social activities.

According to him, ‘’recurring violence, involving cattle theft, abductions for ransom, attacks on civilian targets and other forms of banditry all over the North, poses a serious threat to peace and security, with the uncoordinated and inadequate responses by the Federal and state authorities, thereby deepening mistrust and perception of the authorities as biased.’’

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