After two years of paying my boyfriend’s rent, he called to tell me he accidentally slept with someone

200 views | Francis Azuka | March 27, 2021

The ever evolving relationship drama has again unveiled another scintillating episode as a heartbroken woman has taken to Twitter to lament on how her boyfriend crushed her heart to pieces.

In a post on the bird app, the user @lynda4eva, said she paid the rent of this boyfriend in question for two straight years and have been sponsoring him on a lot of levels.

But in a shocking revelation, he messaged to let her know that he has accidentally impregnated someone else.

The lady averred that she feels duped.

She tweeted “I paid my boyfriend’s rent last year and this year too and he just called me now to tell me that, he accidentally slept with someone and she fell pregnant💔 the worst part is that I still gave him my ATM today to withdraw for his groceries shopping…I have been duped!!💔”



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