“After Giving You My Body”

525 views | Stanley Ugagbe | May 29, 2021

The above phrase is one of the frequent statements that trail the aftermath of broken relationships and the likes. I usually find it unceremoniously funny because even as an inexperienced fellow, I do know that it takes two to have sex so it’s hilariously befuddling for one to blackmail another with “after giving you my body” – abeg, wetin d person give you na wood? That is not the focus of today’s discourse – let’s put the phrase in perspective!

Sex outside marriage is not a modern trend so I will not try to x-ray this issue as if it’s new. But one thing that has been prevalent in the face of generational illicit sex is Ignorance and that is the basis for this eye-opening piece.

The ‘body’ you claim to be yours that you have been donating to others for sexual purposes is NOT EVEN YOURS – except you’re of the devil. In 1Corin 6:20, Scriptures say “For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God’s”.

It’s clearly stated that in as much as you’re of God, He owns your body and the onus is on Him to do whatever He pleases with you. You will agree with me that when you buy an item, it doesn’t dictate for you what to do with it; rather you decide what to do with the item. God only permits you to give your body, which is His to whoever you’re married to.

So you don’t even have any right to give your body which is God’s property to anyone who you’re not married to for any reason. The ugly truth is, when you sleep with someone you’re not married to, you’re not only giving out what is NOT yours, but also doing bonanza for them – so you don’t have any right to question them “after giving you my body”.

It’s pitiably disturbing that because your sexual hormones are stronger than your fear for God, because you want to sustain your relationship, because you want to prove how much you care and love your bf/gf, because you want to test your sexual compatibility, because you want to keep your job, because you want to keep that secret, because you’re under duress, because life has dealt you a blow, because oiling has become the norm in every relationship, because you want tag along, you keep giving God’s property to people without His consent.

Friends, no matter how rotten the society gets, no matter how morally bankrupt we get, no matter the societal justifications for the skyrocketing illicit sex, THE STANDARD OF GOD HAS NOT CHANGED. In his iconic response to the prevailing fornication in the Roman City of Corinth, Apostle Paul said to avoid fornication, let every man get a wife and every woman get a husband (though marriage no dey stop pipo from illicit oiling again – topic for another day).

Ladies and Gents, there is no better time to completely renounce unrighteousness than now. I urge you, my friends not to compromise the standard of God for ephemeral sexual pleasures. If you’re determined not to thread the path of illicit sex, the Grace of God is available to keep you from falling.


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