About Us

Galileo Galilei, the Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher once famously remarked: “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”  The mission of The News Chronicle, a subsidiary of Adonis & Abbey Publishers Ltd (www.adonis-abbey.com), a London-based publisher of non-fiction books and academic journals since March 2003, is to join in this important quest for the discovery of truth and to report same as decently and respectfully as we can.

Starting first as an online publication, The News Chronicle will also encourage Nigerians to strive to their own highest ideals, and to make themselves the starting point of that change they pontificate and pray about. We will, without apologies, look out for the underdogs to ensure that there is a level of justice and fairness for them in a very unjust and unfair world. This, in our opinion, is basically what journalism at its best does, everything else falls between.

In a time of universal deceit and lies such as we currently find in our country, telling the truth could be a revolutionary act. We implore you to be part of this revolution!

Publisher/Editor –in-chief

Professor Jideofor Adibe


Ms Ekpedeme Umoh

Contributing editors

Akanimo Samson

Emmanuel Anthony

Anne Sarafina

Social Media

Ukweni Kanu Ekpezu


Uche Henrietta

Ogbanje Irene