Abia – Alex Otti, Above All Contenders

Uzodinma Nwaogbe

Uzodinma Nwaogbe

The stage appears set in the governorship contest of Abia state come 2023 with various political parties ready with their candidates. However, one man stands taller than the rest and that is Dr. Alex Chioma Otti of the Labour Party. Otti remains the only candidate that is being sponsored by the masses of Abia state. He is a candidate that his name radiates joy, trust and hope for the ordinary people. A candidate the communities are gearing up for. The other candidates are products of gangsters pushed by greed and avarice for the number one job in Abia. But when God is on throne, the wicked scampers for safety. The Light of the world has penetrated into the darkness enveloping Abia, victory song shall be in the mouth of the good people of Abia state in 2023.

Abia falls under the group of the least developed states in Nigeria since 1999 when democracy returned. And, now God has listened to the cry of the people to lift Abia away from such a disgraceful and shameful position. We cannot afford to gamble with this opportunity of ensuring that Dr. Alex Otti emerges the governor of our state in the coming general election. We must move to free Abia from the clutches of the hawks, criminal elements, gangsters, cultists, profiteers, men and women with no other intention but to perpetually keep the state underdeveloped while swelling their bank accounts. Those who have governed Abia since 1999 have no conscience as the low social and economic condition do not bother their souls.

Unless the people of Abia decides to say ‘ozugo’ in 2023, this dangerous trend of these crooks in power will spell doom for our children. We must reverse it and reclaim Abia from a combined effort of the political business men and women who have ruined the state since 1999. Abia has the economic and human potentials to be among the first class rated developed states in Africa if only we get the right leaders in power and, to me, the time and the person to lead that group of leaders is Dr. Alex Otti. This is a man very concerned and committed about lifting Abia out from the deep gully it has fallen into. It is pitiable that in this millennium, Abia cannot boast of any social and economic infrastructure that is modern. Umuahia and Aba, the two major cities in Abia are abandoned and, do not have infrastructures that defines development.  Otti is very resilient and resolute at providing and organizing the state to benefit the peoples of the state. We need a man who is agitated at developing Abia for the good of all. A man with positive thinking. A man that is determined and focused at getting the job done. A man with progressive ideas on how the state can be moved forward.

Abia presently needs Dr. Alex Otti, a man with integrity, full of credibility, sincere, simple in nature, trustworthy, focus and with a master-plan of what he is coming to do at government house. We want a man with the talent to develop powerful infrastructures to run the state and not a political appointee that will be dependent and submissive to his masters. We don’t want people who don’t understand how to run government, people with just one goal – to enjoy the spoils of office. We do not want a repetition of the present government in power. Abia needs a man who understand and feels the pains of the people. The experience in the last 23 years has been very wasteful and shameful. Abia cannot continue to be in such inglorious path anymore. It is clear the candidates in other political parties do not possess the kind of qualities the man of the moment, Alex Otti has. Abia needs the transparency and accountability leadership of Otti to bring the glory of God’s Own State back.

It is lack of good leadership that has brought Abia woes, disaster and the stagnancy it is experiencing today. This is now time for Abians to say capital ‘OZUGO’ to the charlatans who have brought us this shame, penury and backwardness. We cannot continue like this, no, not anymore. The liberation time has come and we must remove the chains our oppressors have used to emasculate us over the years. The tears of the ordinary people of God has gotten to the high heavens and, no power on earth can stop it. Abia must be reclaimed and re-positioned for development. Few people who do not mean well for the state and peoples cannot be allowed to continue to hold the generality of the people down. For years, what matters to them is to occupy political positions either in the state or at the centre for their own selfish gains. The state workers and pensioners are owed for years. Education in the state is in tatters. No roads. No security of life and property. Unemployment is growing rapidly. Aba, a factory cum market is gradually dying of serious economic activities. Yet, humongous money has come into the state coffers since 1999 but cannot be justified. Where have all the money gone to?

We must all stand up to be counted in this struggle for freedom, freedom from political slavery, freedom from abuse of democracy and good governance, freedom from monarchical kind of government, freedom from denial of social-economic development, freedom from financial recklessness. The good and highly industrious people of Abia state cannot afford to miss this great opportunity that is ordained by the Almighty. Dr. Alex Chioma Otti is the man divinely chosen to fulfil this onerous task. He is fully prepared to correct the mis-governance and maladministration of the past years. God’s Own People must rally round this man for the true transformation Abia needs. The time and person is here.


Uzodinma Nwaogbe

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