Abba Kyari: The Visible Image Of An Average Nigerian

Jarlath Opara

Jarlath Opara

How is the mighty falling! The glory and highly celebrated force image.

Once the tonic and honey many authorities desired to lick, but now sour and bitter.

He rose from the rungs, climbing methodically and seemingly meritorious to where he was before the great fall. He was smart, a fine force gentleman, whose stewardship was commended with garlands and bouquet of appreciation and promotions.

He was smart enough to play the cards discreetly off the eyes of many who saw nothing but an officer who was diligent at work, focus on his schedule and methodically , with rare sense of military precision discharged his duties while hiding his real face.

He must be a smart youngman , smart beyond the normal conventional attributes and characteristics of a smart person. He was smarter than a normal smart person to have clinically operated in a manner he operated without raising eye brow. An officer of the law, drafted to maintain order, curb criminal and criminality, but seen from the danming revelation against him as an accomplice, aiding and abetting the very things he was commissioned to fight against.

He was just unlucky to have been caught. Many are like him, spread across the length and breath of private and public institutions, doing exactly what he is being accused of. What was his offence? Simply put, breach of trust. Eating what was given to him to watch, safe guard and preserve.

ABBA KYRIA should be made to face the consequences of his actions. He should be arraigned and prosecuted and all the awards of excellence received should be withdrawn and the spoil from his dishonorable activities returned and deployed for masses’ friendly projects.

Sadly , this wouldn’t be the case, as usual the case will take its normal and usual twist of being swept under the carpet , while the party goes on .

Nigeria is deep in this shameful and shameless mess of corruption, official indignities and barefaced Impunity by top government officials and top notch politicians.

They are untouchable, too sacred to be prosecuted even when their misdeeds and rots are glaring, crying for the arms of the law to take its course, the powers that be, in their usual way would look the other way.

Why wouldn’t they, when the chains and interconnectivity of such crime and criminality if copiously examined, investigated and interrogated would make them accessories before the fact.

When Abba Kyria begins to sing, if they would allow him to, without their usual shielding,heads certainly would roll.

Nigeria is a country owned by few cabals who dictate, command and enforce what they want. They run the country as their private business without the consent, input and consideration of the ordinary masses.

But wait! Are we not little criminals in our little spaces? Where we are suppose to discharge our duties creditably without looking for ingratiation, withholding services until we are bribed?

Go to fuel stations across the nation now, especially in Abuja, where fuel scarcity is at an increase. What does one see, fuel attendance making sharp cash from gerrycan buyers, manager and supervisors collecting cash before they would allow motorists access and even in some fuel stations compell motorists to buy half filled injector cleaners if they must have their tanks filled. Isn’t this corruption? Breach of public trust? Extortion by trick? Tell me what is the difference between them and ABBA KYRIA if any?

Every opportunity is exploited to make quick cash at the detriment of those we are meant to serve . “Where one de work na where him dey chop” a popular saying ,which has given life and credibility to corruption.

Nigeria is in a very deep tunnel of corruption. We are all there, waiting for our opportunity to cut corners and “cut soap”

Many Abba Kyria are at every corner of this nation.

Every tribe, every religion, every organisation, Parastals, Establishment etc have their own unique and customized Abba Kyria, compromising the system for their selfish desires.

Nigeria is in a deep rot, the few good ones are swallowed and muffled by the noise and stinks of the many who have engraved corruption on their soul, tattooed it on their spirit and embroidered it on their hearts.

This circle of corruption would continue and the very few escape goats would be named and shamed, while the rest continue until when luck runs out of them, like it did for Abba Kyria.

The truth is, Nigeria is a country where legality, due process and discipline are looked at as old fashioned, while illegality is seen as the “Koko” but never be caught.

Is this how a country survives? Develops! And maintains an appreciable level of sustained development?

Let your conscience judge you!! We are all players in this rotten game!

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