A Reply To The Cbn Governor, Godwin Emefiele; Nigerians Will Not Pay For Roads Usage

It’d be recalled that on the 16th of December, 2021, the Governor of the central bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele had said most of the constructed roads in Nigeria would be tolled to repay the loans used to fund them.

The question Mr Godwin Emefiele should ask himself is which roads in facts are going to be tolled? Is it the bad lagos-ibadan expressway that has claimed plethora of lives of the citizens or the Benin-Abuja roads that has become safe den for robbers, kiddnappers, herdsmen et all to carry out their nefarious, ungodly and unholy activities that would be tolled.

Or is it the roads in our local communities that are barely motorable and causes breakdown of vehicles that are going to be tolled?

Or is it the roads that citizens have contributed to patch, to avoid deaths and breakdown of cars?

Which roads exactly does the CBN Governor intend to toll? Until Mr Godwin Emefiele shows the good people of Nigeria the good roads that have neither claimed the lives of the citizens or become safe haven for kidnappers and thieves, Nigerians will not pay for usage of any road.

The wicked and draconian administration of Buhari cannot keep on impoverishing the masses through arbitrary levies.

Is the Governor expecting that citizens who have lost loved ones, properties and are even victims of the said roads themselves, to pay for their usage?, well we all know the answer.

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