A Perfect Personification Of Life

Ndaba Sibanda

Poetry knows how to personify

objects, so that readers ,perhaps

end up reading about rubbish bins

that protested and pronounced

that they would no longer put

up with the bulk of foul crap!


Fancy a typically still and smelly bin

putting a lid on itself and stating:

I`ve been taking this kind of trash

for too long, but guess what?

I`m done with swallowing junk

from you, I`m jumping ship,

and embracing cleanliness!


A shocked jersey dodged and ducked

a 12 year old boy who was trying

to tuck into it, he had last worn

the outfit when he was just four:

The sweater didn’t mince its words:

I don’t take kindly to careless chaps

who don’t see that they`ve grown.

Don’t stretch my patience thin,

or else I`ll snap into shards now!


I once marveled at lively marionettes

who danced the popular kizomba

dance style with an adeptness

and a suppleness  that mentally

transported me to Angola. Suffice

to say I ended up thinking aloud:

these fabulous finger-puppets kill it

and voyage with me to … Luanda! 



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