873 views | Jiraye Abagudu | October 25, 2020

Despite the emphatic energy attached to this movement, we have not broken ground to what we want a better Nigeria. From American civil rights to gay rights movement, South African apartheid to our very own independence struggle, it took years of strategic planning to earn; which is what I believe has been lacking in this movement. 

If we lack strategy at this point, it would be naive of us to dare hope that the government will blink. 

Our political system is structured almost consciously to give the government and ex-government officials excessive powers. 

The system is thoroughly rigged to put them in a position above the law, it can’t punish them adequately and this is where we need to pull all our resources together to fix the system. 

If the system is fixed, the system will fix us in return. It would be ignorant to think or even trust these politicians to fix or reform the system they profit so much from.

These demands can’t be achieved in a month or two or even in a year or two.  The system needs a MIX of a younger and more passionate generation before we can stand a chance to correct anomalies of the Institution.

First, we have to stop basking in the euphoria of a faceless movement and have our political party birth out of this movement that carries the tone and theme of the movement. It has to be a movement that intricately defines its values. We have to nominate or choose young vibrant people who have fought with us from the movement. 

Next is to start an intensive campaign which must portray our ideals. The average party starts campaign 6 months to elections but we need to start now. 

We need to use all weapons in our arsenal from media, social media, YouTube, and more importantly, convert our protest to campaigns.

These two years of enormous campaign and propaganda should include intensive political education. We have to diligently educate people, make them understand what makes a political system effective and guide them on how to vote. Everyone thinks with the right president things wil begin to work perfectly, blatantly neglecting the crucial position the legislative unit occupies. To have an effective system, we have to replicate this plan at both the state and local government levels. If the system is not fixed, we will have to keep hoping and praying that people of good conscience get elected in public office.  Instead of having our votes spread across parties, let’s collectively channel them to elect people we will pick to run in our party.

We have to find a way to beat them at their own game, or we will always be at their mercy, constantly fighting to negotiate for our rights.

Finally, may the souls of the departed find rest. May God console their loved ones and most importantly, may their Labours never be in vain. This is by no means the end of the road; we are just starting this journey. Our weapons of fighting bad governance may change, but the course is still the same. Our own political party might not necessarily end it, but it is a good place to start. God bless all Nigerian Youths.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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