7 Skills Every Social Media Manager Should Bring To The Table

1090 views | Maple Dappa | March 30, 2021

There are skills every social media expert must possess; this list shows what those skills are to both aspiring social media experts and those seeking to hire them.

  • Copywriting – this is the foundation of social media management since you will be doing a lot of writing on social channels, it is important you know how to draft great copies.
  • Design (graphic and video) – social media has evolved; compelling visuals are needed to keep clients and attract potential clients.
  • Customer service/community management – this is the online customer care of every business, you need to be skilled at providing customer support or to manage an online community.
  • Analytics – a social media manager needs to be skilled at analyzing different metrics; likes comments, views, site visits, advert performance, and so on to achieve set objectives.
  • Budgeting – your ability to understand the principles of budgeting will help you make the best of the resources at your disposal.
  • Project management – social media management is a project with various phases, your ability to properly manage any project at hand will set you apart from the rest.
  • News/Gist Junkie – the social world is all about news content, you either create or jump on them. You must be up to date on all latest trends, news and gist in your fields of engagement.


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