5 Ways Every Nigerian Unemployed Fresh Graduate Can Make Money

Sarafina Ann Nneoha

Sarafina Ann Nneoha

Every year, the government keeps churning out graduates; they keep pushing them into labor market with little or no employment opportunities. This makes supply higher than demand in the labor market.

These days, the rate of unemployment is so high that it’s starting to mess with some person’s psych. You see, nothing is as depressing as being broke and unemployed. So, you are a graduate still fresh out of school and you are kin on finding a source of income for a quick and steady flow of cash, well, I am here to give you some tips on what you can venture into.

As a hustler, you will always find your way. Even though the country is fucking everyone up, you have to be on the lookout for the next money spinning deal to venture into. There is no time to take up the tag, “Unemployed graduate/youth”. You need to get to work and below are some things you can venture into while you wait for a better job.

Freelance Online Jobs:

A good place to start with earning money online is doing freelance jobs. A Freelancer is someone working for different companies: a self-employed person working or available to work, for a number of employers, and usually hired for a limited period. Worldwide, there are many websites where you can find a job as a freelancer. An example is Freelancer.com, Fiver.com, e.t.c.

Take Up Private Home Lessons For Kids:

Teaching children in their homes after school is another way to make legit and cool money. One of my friends currently serving is doing this and earning some cool cash in addition to the #19,800 that the government is paying her.

Setting up a Business

Starting up a business is equally another way to make money whether you are selling offline or online. All you need to start up is a little capital. You can sell clothes, shoes, accessories, perfumes, etc. Look for a place where you can buy at cheaper rate and then sell to make profit.

Transportation Business:

See, there is nothing wrong in being a taxi or tricycle driver. Don’t put much though on those who would laugh and make jest of you, the most important thing is that you are making your money in a legit way rather than staying idle.

Affiliate Marketing:

In the online world, affiliate marketing is one of the biggest and common methods to make easy and legit money online. It has also become one of the major sources of earning for many online blogger, entrepreneurs and webmasters. It doesn’t require much money to start up. You are essentially paid for referring new clients and customers to other businesses online. Some of the websites where you ca apply to be an affiliate marketer include, Jumia, Konga, Aliexpress, Shopify, Amazon and many others.

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