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400 Nigerian ladies seek answers on what peace of mind means to men


Not less than 401 Nigerian ladies who are confused about what peace of mind means to men have taken to Facebook to seek answers.

This development was contained in a post made by social influencer, Amanda Chisom.

In the post, Amanda said there have been different interpretations of what peace of mind connotes by different motivational speakers – so they’re seeking the right interpretations of what men really mean when they say “I want a lady who will give me peace of mind.”

Amanda wrote:

I am confused but I am not hiding my identity

So I, Viola and 400 other women are really confused about this ” Men want peace of mind ” thingy you all drop every day.

What does Peace of mind mean to a regular man?

Now every other day , Motivational speakers will tell us, Men love it when you keep demanding from them, ask him for money, this and if not he will feel emasculated. Same Motivational speakers will tell us, a woman needs to help her man in little way, have her own money, be self sufficient, be independent. Are we supposed to wait for when the man dies from overburden to spend our own money we make from this self reliant??

To be honest, they included it in the reason why I was dumped that year that because I was not asking it meant someone else was giving me. Innocent me thought I was being a good woman, I mean I make all this money to be asking for hair money and pad money?? You said if we do not ask them they will become lazy (so a normal human being will be lazy because a woman has money to spend) .I don’t get it if I am always disturbing you for money, how does that translate to peace of mind. If you are worried about providing my every need and want, what is peace of mind there?

I actually want to know, what is peace of mind to Men because I need to know how to handle this relationship they are managing me inside, maybe it is because I am not asking and disturbing that is why he does not know he will buy me Lexus 350 how do those of us who were not raised to ask and ask every time cope in this relationship rules and regulation you all bring up weekly. Where is the middle ground. When does demanding become a threat to peace of mind or is it not in the Iwu nke Uwaezuoke for Obiageli?

How do those of us raised in families where our dad just drops money without being asked, cope , how much demand can we make without disturbing ” Peace of Mind”. Because I honestly assumed, if I am not demanding and just being gracious and enjoying each other without stress to anybody, we are both collecting peace of mind. I don’t know, please matured advice only, no insults.

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