2023: Engr Nuruddeen promises impactful representation as he joins race for the legislature

TNC Reporter

TNC Reporter

Engr. Nuruddeen Aliyu Hammanyero an entrepreneur and CEO of an IT firm has declared his intention to run for the House of Representatives in the forthcoming 2023 elections to represent the people of Mayo/Belwa, Jada, Ganye and Tongo Federal Constituency of Adamawa State.

Engr. Nuruddeen was pressured by the people of his constituency to via for the post to bring new thinking, new ideas, and more development to the people of the communities of the Mayo/Belwa, Jada, Ganye and Tongo federal constituency. With his experiences in the private sector and 8 years in the Nigerian Navy, Mr. Nuruddeen will for sure bring new ideas and new thinking to the green chamber for the betterment of the people of Mayo/Belwa, Jada, Ganye and Tongo Federal Constituency said one of his supporters.

Some groups who left the APC as well as many pressures groups have also purchased the Expression of Interest and Nomination for Engr. Nuruddeen Aliyu Hammanyero under the Young Progressive Party (YPP).  Engr. Nuruddeen said, if elected into the 10th Assembly he will not only bring dynamism and good representation but quality debates on national issues and on issues that directly affect the communities of the Mayo/Belwa, Jada, Ganye and Tongo constituency. He further said he will fulfill all campaign promises, and attract projects and programs for the benefit of not only his constituency but Adamawa state at large.

In addition, he said; friendliness and constant interaction with the people that voted for him will be the center-point of his representation. A political analyst said “Many studies have shown that the quality of governance is enhanced by having leaders who are well-read, and competent with the right leadership skills, exposure & behavior,  Engr. Nuruddeen has such qualities. He further predicted a win for Engr. Nuruddeen, because he said “it is a general belief that a well-educated leadership is a competitive advantage for any nation and there is a correlation between good governance and leaders’ level of education. This will attract many voters, especially the youth.

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