20-year-old wife begs for death over maltreatment in husband’s house

A 20-year-old depressed Nigerian woman has threatened to kill herself due to the ill treatments she’s getting in her husband’s house.

In a post shared by social influencer Amanda Chisom, the woman noted that she’s being subjected to various degrees of heinous treatments by her mother-in-law and her husband’s siblings who live with them.

She’s currently seeking the counsel of the public since she doesn’t know what to do about her predicament.

She wrote:

Am 20 years old, I got married in march of this year.
I met my husband on this blue app, we dated for few weeks and he proposed to me. I accepted because I thought he is the right man for me. I have been living with his parents and siblings in same house with him (duplex). I am not yet pregnant and he isn’t happy anymore even his parents. I feel so depressed, I want to take sniper and d*e. My mother in-law treats me like her maid while she treats her children well. She insults me all the time even my husband. My husband beats me in front of his parents. I am tired of this marriage. I want to leave by December now that it is still early before it’s late for me .

If I don’t pound yam/Akpu, my husband’s family will start calling me names that every Igbo girl must know how to pound yam/akpu, my husband have told them that my parents didn’t train me like that after all we are in new modern age that works are made easy with machine. My husband’s siblings don’t respect me at all. My mother in-law will never accept that she is wrong, all she wants is for her son to obey her and do what ever she tells him. I am the only that washes plate in the house while we have small children but my mother in-law will say it’s my duty, I wake up by 6am to cook as she says, afternoon time I will cook, sometimes in the evening by 5pm I will start cooking again. Nobody will assist me oo😭. I will serve my husband, serve my mother in-law, father in-law, my mother in-law mother, siblings. If I call my mom daily my mother in-law will complain that I call my people all the time. I have stopped calling my mom every day for peace to reign. I call my mom once after four to five days.

If I dress like a young girl she will not be happy all she wants is for me is to be tying wrapper always. Omo, I am so depressed I can’t visit my parents anymore like before. I haven’t visited them after eight months I got married while my house is just 1hour from my husband’s place. My husband knows everything that’s happening but he will always tell me to endure, I am tired of enduring his people’s wickedness. I told my husband let’s rent house elsewhere he will tell me that he is not ready.
Please ma’am I need advice
What should I do now? Thank you 🙏

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