15-Year-Old Boy Inherits 3 Wives of his late brother

A form 3 student from Baringo County in Kenya, Korkor Ripotolim has been given the responsibility of inheriting three wives and 15 children.

The 15-year-old was given the responsibility of taking in the wives and children after the death of his brother Namwama Cherem.

Challyhnews reports that this is according to the culture of Pokot, which also recommends the sharing of property left behind by the deceased, the settlement of any debts left behind, the inheritance of the deceased’s wife, and the care of the children.

Speaking on the development, Korkor said “We were two brothers, he was the eldest. He left behind three wives and 15 children, and in our culture, we cannot let the wives go back to their parents. The next brother has the responsibility of inheriting the wives and children.

“I’m still in school and I do not have the means to provide for the wives and children. I would like the women to be helped and given a source of livelihood,” he explained.

It was disclosed that Korkor, who is a student at Tangulbei High School, had his late brother cater for most of his needs, including school fees, and is now left with the heavy-duty of providing for the entire family.


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