18 months after wedding, husband, wife discover they’re both A.S

Merit Ugolo

Merit Ugolo

A beleaguered Nigerian woman has averred that she’s considering taking her life due to the predicament she finds herself in her marriage. 18 months after wedding, husband, wife discover they’re both A.S

In a post shared on Facebook by social influencer Fegor Chime, the woman who preferred anonymity detailed how things went sour for them after getting married to her husband.

She went further to state that things have even worsened beyond repair as recent tests have shown that they’re both A.S.

She’s now seeking divorce and also contemplating suicide.

She wrote:

Good evening ma’am please post for me and hide my ID… I really need advice of everyone please no insult because I am already depressed and really need good advice. I am 30 years old, got married to a pastor of 32 years old, we met in 2020 online and dated for few months without sex. I wanted a very quiet wedding because he his not financially okay,i have my own business I run and we both live in the same state. After our wedding I moved in with him and relocated my business, but because of the kind of area he stays my business was not moving while him on the other hand was not getting job because he is a building engineer. I was doing all the spending, the load was too much for my little business and also the area very local, my former area is very good for business and my shop was located in a main road. Now I am staying at home doing nothing, I am now begging some of my friends for 3k, 5k and he will not even ask where I got the money from when I cook with the money😥😥 sometimes they invite him to minister in a church they will give him little money. Mummy Fegor, I took in last year and lost the pregnancy and doctor was just carrying out some test on me and ask me to invite my husband the doctor collected his blood sample and also did some test on him and find out we re both As. 😥😥 meaning the lab person that did our genotype before wedding made a big mistake, now I told him I want to leave the marriage he his begging me not to leave, I called my elder sister she said God is in control that will we not give birth to a sickle cell. I really need advice, I am planning to run away because I am not enjoying anything in this marriage, if I ask him to go out and look for any job it becomes a problem; no money, now genotype issue. I am planning on committing suicide because I don’t have family member the only family I have is my sister and she is asking me to stay, me that I can’t stay without making money now stays at home 24 hours of the day, both of us always at home doing nothing. Please advice me.

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