11-month old marriage on the brink as wife calls husband’s mum, prostitute

A bitter Nigerian man has taken to the public to ask his online in-laws to advice him on how to handle the issues of his marriage.

In a post shared by social influencer Amanda Chisom, the troubled man averred that his wife is bossing him on what and what not to do and has even mandated him to stay away from some of his sisters.

He wrote;

I am a young man of 35 years, I met my wife on Facebook some years back, I knew her already right from her childhood because we were from the same village. I left village very early to school in a nearby town where I have stayed for over seventeen years. With the aid of Facebook, I saw a pop up picture of a beautiful girl on friends you may know, I clicked the request button and she accepted my friend request. I knew she was the person I know though she had really changed, I can’t remember the last time I saw her in the village before my travelling to town. As time goes on she introduced herself to me and we started discussing.

To cut the story short, on January 2nd 2021, we got married. During our introduction, I saw some set of girls in a canopy, they said they were her friends, they came to witness our introduction rites. Fortunately, one of those her friends was my relation whose senior brother called me to ask me questions about my wife, if I know her too well and how long I have known her, I told him I know her to an extent, he said Okay and wished me good luck. I came back and out of love and husband and wife discussions I told my wife of my discussion with a brother, my wife got angry and asked why my brother would ask me such questions. I never knew she was very bothered, she concluded that it was my brother’s sister who is her friend that asked my brother to call me for some questions. I told her to forget about those things.

During our traditional marriage preparation, my wife began to have issues with some of her friends, I don’t really know what led to their problem that four of the girls now refused to do Ashebi for my wife, and I told my wife since there is problem between them, that she should get rid of them and focus on other people that are interested. She did and we had a successful traditional marriage where those of her friends came too each with their gifts and my wife collected.

Fast forward to August, this my extended sister who was her friend and among those my wife quarrelled with was about getting married, my extended sister’s mother one day saw me in the village during a service and whispered to me, your sister will soon be getting married, help me tell your mum and I want you to be there too. I went home and told my wife that my sister is getting married who is her friend before they had issue, I asked my wife to please call my sister and congratulate her and what my wife told me is that I should go to hell with my fucking sister, I pleaded with her that even if it’s not from her heart provided she came during your introduction and our traditional marriage with gift you should reciprocate by calling her. My wife started cursing me and my family, I responded by cursing her back and asked why she doesn’t want to let things slide.

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