10-Year- Old Student of Chrisland School Suspended for Engagement in Sexual Activity, video goes viral

Jennifer Eziuloh

Jennifer Eziuloh

A shocking video of a 13-year-old student of Chrisland School involved in a sexual activity has stirred up lots of reactions online.

It was music manager Ubi Franklin who took to his twitter account and gave narration of how his friend’s 10 years old daughter was recorded while being raped during a school competition in Dubai and later suspended from the school.

He also shared on his Instagram page video of the 10 year old alongside other pupils involved in the improper act.

In the rather uncomfortable video, it was however seen that it was more like a consensual sexual activity between the minors which has raised lots of questions in the hearts of many social media users.

According to the reports, it was discovered that the students were playing a game called “truth or dare” in their hotel room right after lights out. Their teachers had just finished the last headcount just to make sure no student was missing or at the wrong place.

Following the heat of the viral video trending on all social media platforms, Chrisland School has now released a statement suspending indefinitely culpable learners of the school. The parents of the involved students gave their full cooperation realizing the need to work with the school so that the learners can be corrected and exhibit proper behavior henceforth.

The Lagos State Government’s attention has also be drawn to the alleged sexual violence involving students of Chrisland School. In an official statement released, the Lagos State Government has promised to ensure adequate medical and psycho-social support is provided for the involved minors.

They however warned the general public on the implications pertaining to engaging in any visual depiction of sexual explicit conduct involving a child, which is liable to custodial sentence of 14 years. This includes “producing,distributing, receiving,or possessing an image of child pornography.”



“If you’ve seen the video of the Chrisland School students, you will realize that we are not dealing with rape as Ubi Franklin opined,rather we dealing with failed parenting….”


“Contrary to your claim Ubi Franklin that girl wasn’t raped, she seems to be having a conversation with others while on it, which clearly states it wasn’t her first attempt. Chrisland might be wrong for certain negligence but the major blame should go to the parents “


“How can a 10 Year old girl be comfortable to have sex in a room where people are and you call that rape? That’s definitely not her first time doing such and other children in that room need to be identified.”

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Professor Jideofor Adibe


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  1. Tya Artis says:

    A 10-year-old child can not consent to sex. The child is under the age of consent. It’s rape all day long. No matter what the 10-year-old did, the school is liable for not adequately protecting her. If the boys are 13-year-old or older, they should be charged with rape.

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